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Senior Spirit Newsletter
March, 2014      
Easy Steps to Fight Depression
Research has shown that exercise can be equally effective as medication when times get tough. Other ways to fight the blues are volunteering, thinking positively, finding support and getting enough sleep. Click here to view article. 
Your Money
Your Money
Generosity Calls for Caution
Taking advantage of people’s compassion, especially after large-scale tragedies, such as 9/11 or damaging tornados, can be lucrative for criminals looking for easy money. Take precautions to make sure your money is going where you intend. Click here to view article.
Lifestyle Trends
Lifestyle Trends
Cohousing Provides Community and Independence
Cohousing is a good option for older adults who want to be involved in a community while owning their own homes. Members participate in everything from managing the complex to shared meals. Click here to view article.
Senior Spotlight
Senior Spotlight
Carver, 103, Earns Respect for His Art and Charity
Louis Charpentier developed his love for art when he was 3 years old and hasn’t stopped yet, producing hundreds of pieces over the years—many of which he gives away. Click here to view article.
CSA Spotlight
CSA Spotlight
Meet CSA, Ralph Benson
The thoughts presented in this Spotlight have been a cathartic journey that portrays Ralph's early and mid-life. For Ralph, being a CSA is a way of life. Today’s aging population deserve respect and to be served by one who can understand the aging process and he believes his clients’ get what they deserve from him, because he is a CSA – and a very proud one at that! Click here to read Ralph's story!
Coffee Break
Coffee Break
Lessons from Aging Dogs
Not many people bother to photograph old dogs. But photographer Nancy LeVine thought humans can learn something about the aging process from their pets. Click here to read more.
CSA Blog
CSA Blog
Call for CSA Journal Articles
The Society of Certified Senior Advisors® (SCSA) invites you to submit articles for consideration for publication in the CSA Journal. The Journal welcomes article submissions about the health, social, financial, legal and arts/humanities/spirituality issues of aging. Click here to learn more!
Famous & 65
Famous and 65
Famous and 65
View the celebrities turning 65 this month.
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  Certified Senior Advisors (CSAs) are professionals who come from a multitude of industries including  senior care, estate planning, transition services, insurance and real estate, as well as other professions that  work with older adults. CSAs are valuable sources of knowledge about the health, social, legal and  financial  aspects of aging and know where to find the necessary resources needed for older adults and their families. Located around the U.S., CSAs can be found by using the CSA Locator at http://www.csa.us/freeresources/csa-locator/.

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Charles Puchta, CSA

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